Our Coaches

Meet Some of Our Coaching Team


Proffessor Marc Walder (2nd Degree Black Belt)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ~ Head Coach

Prof Walder is considered one of the leading pioneers of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the UK, and is also the author of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: The Essential Guide. He lived for several years in the US, training directly under the famous Gracie family, and has worked closely with them over the last ten years. He has competed internationally in many Brazilian jiu jitsu championships, as well as, mixed martial arts, submission wrestling and judo contests. He teaches the sport at all levels and has won various medals and trophies in the UK, Europe, Brazil and the US, including two gold and two silver Gracie Nationals, and a recent Silver Medal in the 2013 IBJJF European Championship. Marc's current teacher is recent Red Belt Mauricio Gomes, who was one of only a handful of black belts given by the legendary Rolls Gracie.


Elliot Middleton

San Shou Kickboxing ~ Head Coach

Elliot is born from the London Wing Chun Academy. Although a Wing Chun practitioner he has extended his skillset to include, boxing, Muay Thai, and his current love San Shou Kickboxing. He has trained in China and Hong Kong, and has competed in San Shou Kickboxing competitions. He's excellent at motivating our San Shou Kickboxing team, and puts a lot of extra time and effort in to his fighters. 


Pani Panayiotes

Fitness & conditioning Coach

Also born from the London Wing Chun Academy, Pani has trained in China, Hong Kong and has competed in San Shou Kickboxing as well. A great boxer, with his trademark Superman punch, he currently runs the majority of fitness and conditions classes in our martial arts studio. His workouts are fun, but very functional, designed to keep our students fit and fight ready. 

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